Scare L.A. 2017 - Happy Halloween

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UNLEASHED, opened this week. is on the red carpet with special guest host Joy Parris interviewing the cast and filmmakers. Later stay tuned for Q & A highlights.
Interviews Include:
Steve Howey, Actor: "Shameless" "Reba" "Making Babies"
Kate Micucci, Actress: "The Big Bang Theory" "The Guest Book "
Hanna Mae Lee, Actress: "Pitch Perfect" "Frat Pack"
Finn Taylor,  Writer/Director: "Dream with the Fishes"
Susan Johnson, Producer: "Carrie Pilby"
Todd Slater, Ex Producer: "Big Bear"
James Huntsman, Ex Producer: "The Truth About Lies"
Nancy Cartwright, Actress: "The Simpsons"
Don Reed, Actor: "Eight Types of Crazy"

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Tyler Perry, on the red carpet for TOO CLOSE TO HOME

One On One with Lyndsi LaRose from ANT-MAN, & INSURGENT

Lyndsi LaRose sits down with reporter Jason Layden one on one, to talk about her current projects.  Up for discussion: on set of INSSURGENT;  Upcoming ANT-MAN;  TV pilot for NBC, STUNTED; and being part of the GROUNDINGS.

Luke and Andrew Wilson promote SATELLITE BEACH at Holly Shorts on the red carpet at Holly Shorts Film Festival. First Up is Luke Wilson, followed by his brother Andrew Wilson, to promote the award-winning short film SATELLITE BEACH. Reporter Genevieve Flati interviews the bothers on opening night at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Neutra Documentary

Short documentary on the architect Richard Neutra

Woodhead Entertainment shows 3 shorts at Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Festival 2013

MCB reporter Jonathan Novack interviews the producers and cast of three shorts from Woodhead Entertainment: "Average Party", "Extremely Dark Knight", "Shadoweyes". Interviews include: Jon Bernthal, (THE WALKING DEAD, LOST ANGELS), Suzanne Quast, Tony Yacenda, Dan Perrault, Sean Carrigan.

Jennifer Morrison at HollyShorts Opening Night

"Unleashed",  Premier Red Carpet, and Q & A Highlights

Multiple Whales Breaching in Alaska 

While on an Un-Cruise in Alaska we encountered a multiple Whale breach. Even the guides that have spent years studying whales had not seen this many breach at the same time. Rest of trip to be continued............

"DARK SEDUCTION" 30 years in the making - Midnight Premier

"DARK SEDUCTION" is a detective vs. vampire film, shot in 1984 and finished in 2016. is at the midnight premier, interviewing the film makers, cast, and supporters of this soon to be cult classic.
Interviews include: Greg Travis, Tyler Horn, Stacey Travis, Ricardo J. King, Rick Overton, Andy Dick, Jeff Michalski, Paul Henderson, Steve Bishart, John Kassir, Ellis Martin, Ken Gibbel, and Gabriel Jarret.

"JUNKETEERS", actors Austin Lyon ("The Cheerleader Murders" &  "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" ), and Brian Unger ("The Daily Show", & "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" are at HollyShort to support. special guest reporter Joy Paris interview the guys about thier series "Junketeers".

Alaska: Awesome Trip of a Lifetime!

I have been wanting to go to Alaska for as long as I can remember. Finally went last July and it did not disappoint  Six whales breaching all at the same time; shore walks; glaciers;  kayaking; and natures beauty at it's finest. Awe inspiring!

Jennifer Morrison is on the red carpet at HollyShorts Film Festival's opening night to talk about her film "Wild Wild Horses". She is also the recipient of the "Trailblazer Award" at the festival. special guest  reporter Joy Paris is back to do the interview.
You can currently see Jennifer Morrison in "Once Upon A Time" on ABC. Future projects: "Sun Dogs"; and,:" Amityville: The Awakening";  both slated for 2017 release.

Shemar Moore recieves Award at NMSS Dinner

Shemar Moore is Honored at the The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Awards Dinner. Moore has been a long time supporter and advocate for NMSS. His mother, Marilyn Wilson Moore has the disease and also volunteers for the Society.  Supporting Moore is long time friend and Co-star on CRIMINAL MINDS, Joe Mantegna. special Guest Reporter, Joy Parris, talks to them and others about MS and what the MS Society offers. Also interviewed: Anthony Griffith, and Julie Kaufer (President of Southern California & Nevada Chapter, NMSS)

Entertainment, Red Carpet Interviews, Documentaries, Events, & Shorts

Comic Con 2014, Long Beach, Ca. with Cosplay Highlights reporter Jason Layden takes you into the world of Cosplay at the 2014 Comic Con/Comic Expo in Long Beach, Ca.

Tyler Perry talks with reporter Melanie Eke at the LA screening of "Tyler Perry's TOO CLOSE TO HOME", on TLC.

Brock O'Hurn & Diamond White interviewed One on One

"Tyler Perry's BOO! A Madea Halloween" is released on Blu-Ray, Digital HD and On Demand. Brock O'Hurn and Diamond White sit down with to talk about filming and working with Tyler Perry.

Patrice Lovely interviewed One on One

"Tyler Perry's BOO! A Madea Halloween" is released on Blu-Ray, Digital HD and On Demand. Patrice Lovely sits down with to talk about filming and working with Tyler Perry. is at ScareLA and host Eric Devontae walks you through the event.
ScareLA™ premiered in 2013 as the first fan convention dedicated to Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, it combines LA’s top talent and unique setting with a twist! The weekend-long Halloween teaser celebrates California’s scariest faire with attraction unveils, workshops, classes, industry panels, haunt tours, screenings and activities. Share, inspire, play – ScareLA.

It's the last night of HollyShorts Film Festival 2017, at Harmony Gold, and the award winners are announced. host Eric Devontae is on the Red Carpet to talk to the winners.

Interviews Include:
Kevin Wilson Jr - "My Nephew Emmet"
Laura Moss - "Fry Day"
Skinner Myers - "Frank Embree"
Mark David Spencer - "Two Bellman Three"
Malcolm Washington - "Benny Got Shot"
Joenique C. Rose - "Benny Got Shot"
Maggie Mahrt - "Unbound"
Anvar Madraimov - "A Birthday Card"
Wally Green - "The Tables"
Jade Aksnes - "Pushing Night Away"
Hannah Dillon - "Modern Love"
IAMEVE - "Starman"

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HollyShorts - Award Winners On The Red Carpet, Closing Night

Brian Unger & Austin Lyon from  "JUNKETEERS" at HollyShorts

A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT screens at New Film Makers L.A.

The Feature A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT, starring Eric Roberts, and Escher Holloway, screened at the January 2014 NewFilmMakersLA event. Interviewed on the red carpet are: Eric Roberts, Escher Holloway, Rane Jameson, Tjardus Greidanus, and Laura Davis.

Ashley Williams at Holly Shorts to support the short "Periods"

MCB reporter Jason Layden interviews Ashley Williams from "How I Met Your Mother" on the red carpet at the Holly Shorts Film Festival.