Trip to New Orleans 2012

Trip to New Orleans part pleasure part work.

Toni Bradfield - Coldwell Banker Profile

Toni Bradfield is with Campbell Realty, Coldwell Banker

Halloween Haunted House 2013

They are at it again on Silver Saddle Lane.  Monsters, Vampires, and the rising dead, Oh My !!! 
Just take the tour if you dare.

Hearst Castle 2013

Highlights of Hearst Castle and San Simeon

Halloween Haunted House

Haunted house and all the prep for Halloween 2010.
Scary fun with vampires , an evil Cat in the Hat, some dead guys, and some monsters.
Some would not go past the front door! 
Set to music


Beija is a rescue dog. She is a Shepard mix. This is her first day at her new home.

Spike - A bad dog?

"Bad Dog" Song written by Greg Beattle
Performed by Calaveras

Shorts, Travel, and just for Fun

Alaska: Trip of a Lifetime

I have been wanting to go to Alaska for as long as I can remember. Finally went last July and it did not disappoint  Six whales breaching all at the same time; shore walks; glaciers;  kayaking; and natures beauty at it's finest. Awe inspiring!

Brian Major - Graduation From Navy Boot Camp

A short about the graduation from boot camp of a Navy recruit.