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"Top Gun: Maverick"

Global Premiere on USS Midway in San Diego

Brock O'Hurn & Diamond White interviewed One on One - Entertainment Celebrity news

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"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" World Premiere Red Carpet

"Lightyear" World Premiere Red Carpet

at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

"UnREAL"  Meet the Suitress & the  Suitors

"The Bad Guys"

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Shemar Moore recieves Award at NMSS Dinner entertainment

"Ms. Marvel" Launch Event Red Carpet interviews

Patrice Lovely interviewed One on One - Celebrity news Entertainment

HollyShorts Film Festival - Interviews with the Filmmakers 2020

Alaska: Awesome Trip of a Lifetime!

I have been wanting to go to Alaska for as long as I can remember. Finally went last July and it did not disappoint  Six whales breaching all at the same time; shore walks; glaciers;  kayaking; and natures beauty at it's finest. Awe inspiring!

"Jurassic World: Dominion" World Premiere Red Carpet

Scare L.A. 2017 - Happy Halloween

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"Unleashed",  Premier Red Carpet, and Q & A Highlights


Making the Magic Featurette with cast commentary and behind the scenes

Multiple Whales Breaching in Alaska

While on an Un-Cruise in Alaska we encountered a multiple Whale breach. Even the guides that have spent years studying whales had not seen this many breach at the same time. Rest of trip to be continued............

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Tyler Perry, on the red carpet for TOO CLOSE TO HOME

"Avatar" Revisited - Interview with James Cameron, Director/Writer/Producer

Neutra Documentary

Short documentary on the architect Richard Neutra